Jackey Guitar


Jackey Guitar is an incredibly easy and fun way to play the guitar.  It is perfect for beginners and intermediate players as well.  So often beginners have a hard time learning how to play the guitar, and sometimes even intermediate players hit a plateau in their playing ability, which causes them to not play as much as they’d like to.  Jackey Guitar can be taught to you in ten minutes, and once you are set up, you will be able to start playing right away.  ...You will definitely be amazed at how easy it is to play, and how much fun you can have!  Jackey Guitar (pronounced Jack-Key) will allow you to jump right into playing the music that you love, and to have the ability to just “jam” in any major or minor key!  Jackey Guitar is available through YouTube as a

pay-per-view video for only 99c, or as a 99c Apple App for your iPhone or iPad.  ...View your 5 minute lesson today, and you’ll be jamming right away!

All proceeds go to Dreamers Today Inc, to encourage further creativity.

              Jackey Guitar was created by Jackie Messenger  ©2010   All Rights Reserved

by Jackie Messenger

Click here for Video Introduction